pg and research Department of Commerce

All students are the members of Commerce Association. Secretary will be elected by the members of association. He is in charge of all activities of association. Meeting will be convened at frequent intervals to discuss the present and future activities of association with the guidance of in charge faculty.

Department Activities :
Students Enrichment Programmes
Date Programme Invited Speaker Topic
16.09.2013 Guest Lecture Dr.A. Mohamed Jaffer, Associate Professor, Dept. of Commerce, HKRH College, Uttamapalayam, Theni. Social Entrepreneurship
10.03.2014 Intercollegiate Meet --- NMC COMEX - '14
15.03.2014 Workshop Mr.R.Elamurugan, Asst. Prof-nmc SPSS
18.03.2014 Special Lecture Dr.V.Selvaraj, Prof. & Head - NMC Indian Stock Market - A Practical view
27.03.2014 Guest Lecture Dr.A.Savarimuthu, Dean-Mgt. Studies, St.Joseph's College, Trichy. Consumer Awareness