Departments - Mathematics
Academic Activities
Workshops Organized :
S. No Date Title Resource Person Participants
1. 18.07.2015 &
LATEX Dr. M. Paramasivam
Assistant Professor
Bishop Heber College
2. 11.09.2015 Symposium Dr. Rajeswari
Associate Professor
Pandicherry University
3. 25.06.2015 &
R PROGRAMMING Dr. G. Nanjundan
Dr. S. R. Gani
Dr. M. Suresh
Mr. Sadhiq Pasha
Karnatak University &
Bangalore University

Intra – Collegiate competitions :

The following Intra collegiate competitions for the UG students of Mathematics were conducted.

  • Math Puzzle and Math Who Am I
  • Math Quiz and General Quiz
  • Dumb-C and Math Connection
  • Poster presentation and PPT paper presentation

Intercollegiate competitions :

Inter-Collegiate Competition in Mathematics- ICCM-2014 (Ramanujan’s Day Celebration) on 22nd January 2014, 22 teams were invited to participate in the inter collegiate competitions from various colleges. The following competitions were conducted,

  • Math Wonder
  • Math Quiz
  • Poster presentation

Bharathidasan University won the overall championship of ICCM-14 and Bishop Heber College was the runner.