Name of the Staff
Vol. No. & Page.No
S. Kumara Raman Synthesis, growth and characterization studies on non linear optical crystal-Trisglycine Zinc Chloride 5(5) (2014) 12-17
S. Kumara Raman Effect of Magnesium Chloride on the Habit Modification of Spectral, Thermal and Nonlinear Properties in KDP Crystals 3(2) (2015)
A. Venkatesan Effect of asymmetry parameter on the dynamical states of nonlocally coupled nonlinear oscillators 91, 062916 (2015)
A. Venkatesan Mechanism for intensity-induced chimera states in globally coupled oscillators 90, 062913 (2014)
A. Venkatesan Observation and characterization of chimera states in coupled dynamical systems with nonlocal coupling 89, 052914 (2014)
A.Rajendran Heat transfer intensification by Nanofluids 73 (2014) 711-712
A.Rajendran Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles from Fruit of Citrus Aurantifolia by Chemical and Green Method 2(4)(2014) 189-195