Department of Chemistry
Ramesh Subramani

Ramesh Subramani obtained his bachelor degree in General Chemistry(2002-2005) at Nehru memorial college.and then he continued his Master degree in Applied Chemistry at National Institute of Technology in India. After finishing his Masters in 2007, he joined as a research assistant at Aarhus University, Denmark in Bio-SPM group for a short period. Followed by that, he started his PhD in the same group at Aarhus University from 2008 to April 2011. His PhD degree mainly focused on ‘‘Scanning Probe Microcopy studies on DNA nanostructures’’ to develop the functional materials. After obtaining the PhD degree, he moved to Twente University at Nanobiophysics group for his post doc. research and now he is investigating the mechanical properties of amyloid fibrillar using Atomic Force microscopy.

Apart from Science, his main hobbies are sports- particularly cricket and traveling

Contact Information

R. Subramani (PhD)
Postdoc Researcher
MESA+Institutefor Nanotechnology
University of Twente

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