Departments - Hotel Management
About the Department

Impressive personality and fluid communication are fundamental requirements to aspirants in the field of Hospitality Management. Globalization shifted the boundaries of service industry with glamorous horizons to leap forward. Economy of a nation and globe as a whole is strengthened by the supply of careers in hospitality industry. Numerous opportunities are created and potential demand is increasing not limiting to India but in the global arena with international hotel chains. As a consequence, Hospitality Management is inspiring remunerable career for aspirants.

To make this glamorous opportunity attainable, a degree related to hospitality industry with technological endorsement from a reputed institution is an essential criterion. Prospective aspirant can pursue an undergraduate (UG) education in the hospitality management stream as a fundamental requirement.

The Programme contains introductions to various segments of industrial needs not limiting to Food & Beverage Services, Kitchen Operations & Management, Cookery, Front Office Operations & Management, House Keeping techniques & Management and Organisational behavior and management, computer applications, Business Communication, Accommodation operation, Corporate finance, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations. Bachelor of Science, Hotel Management and Catering Science is a programme framed prioritizing practical experiences with a background of theoretical approaches.

Do you believe that you can build an impressive personality and improve extremely good communication Skills? Hospitality is The Career of Choice for You!

Hospitality Management as a profession requires strong communication skills, to be scrupulous and have keen sense of Business.

BSc HMCS meets the standards of global requirement on Hygiene, Food Preservation, Food Safety and Nutrition

Vital Skills of the prospective aspirant

To make a successful career and to be a winning personality the prospective person should pose the following vital skills

  • Customer Oriented
  • Responsible
  • Active Listening
  • Pleasant Demeanor
  • Self Discipline
  • Polite Personality
  • Self Confidence
  • Accustom to various circumstances
  • Outgoing Personality
  • Creativity