About the Department

The Department of Physics was established in the year 1972-73 with the founder Principal Prof.M.Ponnambalam MA, M.Sc as the Head of Department. The innovative course M.Sc Applied Physics (Instrumentation) started in the year 1983 and subsequently converted to M.Sc Physics, and has become a Post graduate and Research department in the year 2001.The Department with a pride to state that, the members fetched a huge amount of Rupees 70 Lakhs from UGC,DST and other funding agencies to promote research activities. The department offers B.Sc., Physics, M.Sc., Physics, M.Phil Physics, and Ph.D programmes. Dr.S.Kumararaman M.Sc. M.Phil, Ph.D., of Physics Department has been elevated to the post of Vice-Principal. Prof.K.Nagarajan M.Sc, M.Phil is the Head of the department. The department has 24 faculty members out of which 12 faculty members are in aided stream and remaining faculty members are in the self-supporting stream. The Department has well equipped laboratories for B.Sc and M.Sc classes housed in a separate block of approximately 6000 sq.ft. The various research laboratories are available with state-of-the art equipments.

What is special about Physics?

Physics is one of the fascinating subjects in the field of science and technology. In fact, Physics is the mother of all engineering subjects like mechanical, electrical and electronics and communication. Physics covers the study from very small sub-atomic particles like Electron, Proton (Nuclear & Particle Physics) to very big and unimaginably sized stars and Galaxies in space (Astro-physics). The study of Electricity and Magnetism, Electronics courses helpful in understanding the basic working principle of the house hold appliances like Grinder, Air-conditioner, and Television. The course on Microprocessor, being the heart of the computers helps to gain knowledge on computers. The inevitable part of our modern day life “Mobile Phone” is the brainchild of Physics. Therefore, Physics covers almost every aspect of human beings A to Z, the spectrum of study is wide and beautiful. The most suitable and apt subject for a young learner with a passion to achieve in the field of science and technology should choose the ever growing subject of Physics.

Unique features of Studying Physics at NMC
  • A very good team of professors with very high motivation to impart knowledge on theoretical and experimental aspects of physics.
  • Under mentoring scheme, an exclusive Professor will take care of academic progress as well as the personal wellbeing of the students.
  • Under Learning Management System (LMS) lectures supported with audio/visual and interactive SMART CLASS ROOM facilities.
  • Department with wide areas of research like Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Electronics, Crystal Growth, Nanoscience, Polymer batteries and Spectroscopy.
  • Well equipped laboratories with state of the art equipments funded by UGC, DST of Govt.of India.
  • Theoretical Physicist
  • Crystal Grower
  • Entrepreneur
  • Nanoscientists
  • Spectroscopists
  • Polymer battery specialist
  • Programmer for Scientific application
  • Academician/ Research Scientist
  • Efficient School Teacher